Versatility that unlocks possibilitiesin the global market.

As the local economies evolved, industries have faced challenges based on the paradigm of “High Mix Low Volume” conflicting with the existent layouts prepared for single product runs in high volumes.
Often considered a recession proof sector, the Life Sciences sector will lay its resilience in:

  • Leaner operations and support functions;
  • Create the ability to move resources rapidly from one area to another when an opportunity arises;
  • Ensure that resources are aligned to opportunities, given current market positioning, competitors’ moves, and near-term developments, to maximize growth-driving opportunities and maintain position elsewhere.

To help companies in these endeavors, ZEUGMA has developed several solutions for the Pharma’s CPO resulting in flexible and scalable machines that boost companies’ adaptability to the ever changing and demanding international markets.

Our expertise:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetic Liquid Filling
  • Medical Devices
  • Medicinal Cannabis

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