Automation & Robotics the onlypath to competitiveness.

The metalworking and machining industry can gain a new impetus in its development with the opportunities created by the concept of INDUSTRY 4.0. The several digital technologies could significantly contribute to reducing or eradicating many inefficiencies that still exist in the sector.
Especially in SMEs that represent a significant percentage of the industrial fabric in this sector.
On the other hand, it is these same digital technologies that will allow these companies to gain greater competitiveness by preparing them to respond to what are the requirements of their customers.

We are a technological company specialized in the development, construction, and management of the life cycle of automation solutions and robotic subsystems in the Metallurgy and Machining industry.
A sector highly deployed of specialized workmanship can only progress by adopting automated processes where robots can safely perform repetitive tasks at a faster and more regular pace than humans.

Our expertise:

  • Mass Serie Machining
  • Erosion Electrodes Machining
  • High-mix Low-Volume Machining

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