Automation, robotics and plasma technology bundled for you in one collaboration.

Many materials used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, household appliance, printing, textile and packaging industries are modified with plasma before further processing so that they can be optimally bonded, coated, painted, marked or printed.

Our platform “ZEUGMA Agile Surface Treatment” (ZAST) is a sophisticated solution for the surface treatment and coating of parts with atmospheric pressure plasma
The ZAST platform is available in several versions, each with different functions. These include, for example, automatic feeding systems, quality inspection and marking functions.

Either a stand-alone solution or integrated in a full assembly line, our ZAST product line evolves towards any process needs.


Our expertise:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Continuous Web Surface treatment (Roll-to-Roll)
  • Complex shapes via industrial or collaborative robotics

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